Who We Are

CEO Leadership Alliance Orange County (CLAOC) is a coalition of CEOs working together to solve our county’s most urgent problems and build a thriving Orange County for all.

Why We Exist

CLAOC was founded in 2017 by CEOs and leaders of some of the most prominent companies in the county to help shape a positive future for OC residents. Along with building high-performing, sustainable organizations, members are committed to a larger purpose and working to create a better world.


Our members come from all industries and from every part of Orange County, anchored by CEOs who lead high-performing, values-driven organizations from start-ups to global brands. We also partner with innovative educators, non-profit executives, and other key leaders.


Our diverse and connected team brings a wealth of professional experience in business, education, community building, advocacy, fundraising, technology, talent management, and operations.

Our Point of View

Business-engaged, cross-sector collaboration has been proven as the most effective approach to solve complex, systemic problems and create vibrant communities.

Tapping into the collective influence and reach of our members, our team bridges silos and industries to bring together and mobilize the right people, business practices, and resources to make dramatic progress on complex challenges. Our role is to accelerate progress and drive impact.

OC’s Long-Term Economic Prosperity Relies on Artificial Intelligence, By Stephen Ibaraki and Stuart McClure

Executive Summary for the CLAOC Good Jobs Challenge Application for Funding

Reimagining Diversity: How OC Can Become the Next Talent Magnet, By Lauren Kelly and Doug Holte

Guiding Principles

We work as catalysts to convene the right people and build a unifying vision.
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We think long-term and act with short-term impact in mind; we want to get things done.
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We work with measurable facts and business processes to make good decisions and achieve our goals.
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We work to make a difference, build momentum, and then hand over to others to lead.
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We work to build synergies across our areas of focus.
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