Our Purpose

Bring together purposeful CEOs to help build high performing organizations and a better world

Many CEOs in Orange County believe that community engagement is part of their responsibility as a leader. Moreover, best practices from other regional economies teach us that CEOs working together can help build both a competitive ecosystem and higher quality of life.

The CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County (CLA-OC) was forged by the leaders of some of the most prominent companies in the county to help shape a positive future for the residents of Orange County. Vibrant communities require cross-sector collaboration to create new opportunities and solve complex challenges. CEOs have the convening power and resources to bring the right people together. We are a diverse community, and it’s too easy to work in silos without a common endpoint in mind.

CLA-OC is not intended to duplicate the efforts of other groups, but instead to help build a vibrant collaboration of multiple stakeholders in higher education, government, business and non-profit to help address the major issues uniquely facing Orange County.

CLA-OC works with community partners to establish more effective regional systems and dismantle silos. As the community becomes involved and shares their input, strategies and focus areas shift. In the long run, we hope to hand off established initiatives to the community as they become sustainable.

Guiding Principles

“CEOs collaborating together can help build both a competitive ecosystem and higher quality of life.”

Doug Wilson

Doug Wilson and Dick Gochnauer helped bring our CEOs together. They are both involved with a non-profit called the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership, which formed out of Harvard Business School and is now an independent entity. The center works with CEOs to help build higher performing companies and a better world.

Our Staff

Douglas Wilson, Chairman

Mark Percy, President

Amy Kaufman, Director of Career Education and Workforce Development

Kathya Torrejon, Director of Talent and Branding

Carey Ransom, Entrepreneurship and Startup Strategy Advisor

Nithin Jilla, EdTech & Strategy Advisor

Peggy Wolff, Program Manager

Karly Simpson, Executive Assistant

Our Advisory Board

Ranjeet Banerjee, Former EVP/President US & Canada Region, BD

Don Beall, Chairman Emeritus/Retired Chairman & CEO, Rockwell

Ken Beall, Managing Member, Dartbrook Partners, LLC

Richard Davis, Retired CEO of US Bank

Scott McGregor, Retired CEO of Broadcom

Paul Merage, Chairman, MIG Investments

Robert Schult, Retired President, Nestle USA, & Co-founder, VMG Partners

Executive Committee
Julie Hill, Retired CEO, Costain USA
Dick Gochnauer, Retired CEO, Essendant
Doug Holte, Former President, Office Workspaces & Corporate Strategies, Irvine Company
Shu Li, Founder and Chairman
Tim Ward, McKinsey & Company, Senior Partner
General Members
Stuart Mcclure, Founder of Cylance
Samuel Johnson, CEO The Toll Roads