As purposeful leaders, we collaborate to cultivate OC into a premier, inclusive, innovation talent hub

The key to building vibrant communities lies in cross-sector collaboration that creates new opportunities and solves persistent challenges. We convene the right people, the right business practices and the right resources to help make that happen.


Our priorities for Orange County are:

A better jobs strategy for the county
Growth in innovation jobs that have a 5 to 1 multiplier
Growth in the talent to fill those jobs
Cultivate a workforce of diverse viewpoints and skillsets
Lessen social problems through this better jobs strategy

Our unique flywheel approach

We face important challenges in creating and sustaining jobs that enable people to live a quality life in an expensive region like Orange County while improving their health, longevity and overall well-being. In addition, better jobs can help address social problems.

A strategy was needed with a ripple effect and a focus on innovation. Each innovation job can generate five additional jobs. Moreover, an innovation economy can attract dollars from around the country and the world.

CLAOC represents diverse business sectors with guidance from talented leadership who are passionate about our community. We seek to be a catalyst and collaborator to move the county forward around a common vision.

Our five-part strategy is designed to create a multiplier effect as a flywheel that spins and builds momentum.  Those workstreams reinforce each other as key leverage points to build compounding impact over time.

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Focusing on AI as an enabler of innovation, build an AI Center of Excellence focused on talent development.  
With a clear focus on inclusivity, we bring together civic and business leaders, AI-focused entrepreneurs, and education organizations to cultivate and recruit the diverse talent needed now and in the future to support a robust AI-infused economy in OC.

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Rebranding OC to better attract and retain talent
We have launched a website called EnvisionOC where people can plug into the diverse offerings we have for OC work and living. It will begin to define a distinct regional identity that celebrates OC’s inclusive and opportunity-rich communities.

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Investing in our entrepreneurial ecosystem as part of a broader innovation hub.
Through the SC Master Fund over $65M has been raised with a goal of $500MM in the next three years to support innovation clusters such as medical technology, and all of the applications for AI, such as cyber security, fintech, and gaming.  In addition, the CLAOC Entrepreneur Initiative is aimed to ensure that an entrepreneurial mindset is fostered in students and students are supported in their efforts to start companies focused around innovation sectors.

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Working to build work-based learning experiences for jobs of the future
We are scaling a number of successful pilot programs, focused on preparing underserved talent for growth sector innovation jobs, by systematically connecting high school, community college and university students to a network of businesses through enhanced work-based learning. Our ultimate goal is to build a local and diverse evergreen talent pool.

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Support development of regional policies and infrastructure necessary to nurture an inclusive talent pipeline.
• OC Hunger Alliance
• Proposed California Innovation Investment Fund


CLAOC Achievements to date

Vision: Cadre of AI-infused talent at all levels as an enabler of innovation in the region.

Designed and completed a strategic plan for an AI Talent Development Center of Excellence. Leading a local effort to gain federal funding for the CoE.

Formed Talent Leadership Advisory Board (T-LAB) to foster collaboration between the business community and the three major universities, plus four community college districts and the K-12 public school system.

Vision: A distinct regional identity that celebrates OC’s inclusive and opportunity-rich communities, engaging relevant stakeholders to attract and retain innovative talent and enterprises.

Launched first-ever website (envisionoc.org) to brand OC more effectively as a distinct innovation region to retain and attract talent, while also supporting an aligned SoCal regional innovation campaign.

Vision: A culture that supports entrepreneurs to thrive and build companies in OC.

Raised $60 million of new venture capital for regional investments through the SoCal Master Fund.

Over 50 of the leading CEOs in OC engaged as members to collaborate and cultivate OC into a premier, inclusive, innovation talent hub.

Over 25 leading companies made commitments to retain and hire more talent from OC; meeting quarterly with HR leaders to implement plans.

Vision: A business-led system of 21st century K-12, community college and university career pathways, experiences and credentials that align with education and nonprofit innovation, leading to jobs and a quality future for all students in OC.

Successfully launched 4 experiential learning pilots with 12 CLA member companies benefiting over 200 high school and community college students (expanding to 500 in 2022) and created a business-led, employer coalition around work-based learning in OC designed for systems change.

Collected never-before available data to measure the development, retention, and attraction of talent to OC and established community-wide talent success metrics.

Led initiative by Chapman and UCI to create the Innovation Index, a semi-annual part of the Chapman Economic Forecast that tracks the growth of innovation jobs in OC.