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Building a Vibrant OC Innovation Ecosystem through Talent & Capital

We’re investing where we believe there will be the greatest impact.

Through initiatives focused on talent and capital, we will close critical skill and talent gaps and attract new investment – to connect more of our residents with well-paid jobs that provide a living wage here in OC and to fuel economic growth and greater prosperity for all OC residents for years to come.


Make OC a Top Tech TALENT Hub

Many of the largest employers in the county are facing an undersupply of local talent – especially for innovation jobs. At the same time, most OC workers don’t have in-demand skills or degrees they need.

Talent is a fundamental driver for economic growth in any innovation hub. When there is a highly skilled talent pipeline, particularly in technology and STEM, it attracts companies to come to OC and build their presence in OC. This leads to a rise in innovation, social well-being, access, equality, and increased productivity – creating a thriving OC for all.

OC leaders are among the first in the nation to bring public and private sector organizations together in innovative ways to reimagine workforce development.  This solves employers’ critical talent needs and creates clear pathways for local talent to tech industry jobs.

Explore Our TALENT Initiatives

AI Talent Lab

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming our world and Orange County. With local CEOs, educators, and AI companies, CLAOC is creating OC’s first AI Talent Lab that prepares talent for careers in emerging technologies. The AI Talent Lab builds AI fluency through partnerships with technology giants Amazon Web Services, Google, and Intel, offering a variety of certifications for students at all levels, including reskilling and upskilling for employed professionals and out-of-school youth. These certifications are paired with experiential learning opportunities with local companies.

Career Exploration Experiences

Developing local talent begins with opportunities for early career exploration and social capital development to build pathways for higher paying careers. This initiative allows high school, community college, and university students to gain on-the-job experience with OC companies, ultimately enabling them to contribute to the OC workforce long-term. Learn what our members have to say about their experience.


Created to help OC employers attract top talent to our county, EnvisionOC is a voice and spotlight for all the good in OC’s professional community. The platform shares unique stories from diverse community members, and resources for individuals and businesses, while debunking common misconceptions about living and working in Orange County.

National Talent Collaborative

Launched by CLAOC, the National Talent Collaborative is a unique consortium of regional leaders of business-engaged organizations with a shared commitment to talent and workforce development across the United States. These regional leaders meet regularly to share best practices and to explore further collaboration, such as sharing common data platforms, speaking with a collective voice, and working together to drive broad-scale, systemic change across the country.

OC Fellows

Designed for rising young professionals, the two-year leadership development program supports recent university graduates employed in an OC company. The OC Fellows program is designed to build skills, create more connections and bridges across industries, and positions participants within a network of emerging leaders and professionals in OC.

Grow CAPITAL Investment and Success in Our Region

Capital is the core of economic development. By increasing productivity through improved capital, more goods can be produced, and the standard of living can rise, creating an innovation capital flywheel.

OC’s potential for innovation and tech growth are directly linked to the funding and entrepreneurial network that exists.

CLAOC and its VC partners are championing efforts to raise capital from and for local companies. We are directing this capital to a more diverse group of founders to grow a productive entrepreneurial ecosystem, allowing start-ups to succeed and connecting established OC companies to the best-emerging tech opportunities.

Explore Our CAPITAL Initiatives

Southern California Master Fund

CLAOC launched Southern California’s first venture capital (VC) fund focused on supporting local innovation and entrepreneurs. SCMF is designed to systematically align capital from local corporations, executives, family offices, and foundations to technology startups within the Southern California region. We have raised $71M to date, with over 650 local investors in our network.

Regional Funding

Championing efforts to raise capital from and for OC’s innovation ecosystem by pursuing foundation grants and government investment including the recently announced state investment of $200M targeting female and minority entrepreneurs.

Improved Access to Innovation

Connect local corporations to strategic new startups, innovations and VCs. It also connects local startups to aligned and interested companies as potential investors or customers.