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Mark Percy, President, CLA-OC Welcome to the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County
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With this being our final newsletter of 2020, we want to extend our gratitude to the many business and community leaders who came together this year around our shared mission to grow Orange County into a top tier innovation region in America. This is what we see as the best path forward to help build a thriving OC for all.

We have tried to listen carefully and find points of engagement with our members - purposeful business leaders who are each navigating one of the most challenging economies in modern memory. The progress we have made - and it has been significant - is due to their deep commitment to our community and belief in its long-term future.

The record-level participation at our recent CLA-OC annual meeting is highlighted below and signifies the importance of all sectors working together. Success metrics are now in place and we collectively plan to execute on our flywheel strategy in 2021 to strengthen our talent pipeline (Brighter Futures), especially from underserved communities, and to grow innovation jobs (Better Jobs).

We are thankful to be part of such an extraordinary community.

Be well and safe this holiday season,

Mark Percy
Mark Percy
CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County
CLA-OC Annual Meeting Focuses on Collaboration
The third annual meeting of the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County (CLA-OC) highlighted a hopeful silver lining amid the myriad challenges of 2020. Business, education and nonprofit leaders engaged around a framework to elevate OC to compete worldwide as a top-tier innovation region fostered through a vision of creating brighter futures and better jobs.

More than 150 stakeholders joined virtually to focus on the components of this framework put into effect during the year, and provide individual feedback and input to help inform and guide its focus moving forward.

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I like how CLA-OC is connecting education to business, especially expanding career pathways for underrepresented talent to a growing number of high-value innovation jobs.
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Who is CLA-OC?
Our own Doug Wilson was recently invited to tell CLA-OC's story, one of collaboration and leadership that focuses on a vision of OC as a thriving innovation region.

We are pleased to share it here!

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Vans Global Brand President Opens for OC Pathways Showcase
Doug Palladini, global brand president for Vans, and CLA-OC Executive Committee member, was the keynote speaker for the 2020 OC Pathways Showcase.

OC Pathways has a mission of building a passionate network of business leaders and connecting them to students and educators in Orange County.

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Membership News
Membership News: Welcoming Our New Members

Please join CLA-OC in welcoming Samuel Johnson, CEO, The Toll Roads, to our general membership!

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