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Mark Percy, President, CLA-OC Welcome to the CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County
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"Deeper relationships, deeper connections, and coming together to be our best selves; all knitted together by CLA-OC." These recent words by our Executive Committee member and Pacific Life CEO Jim Morris certainly ring true as we begin to witness the impact a group of leaders can make when acting purposefully.

We are delighted to share highlights of our progress in this month's newsletter. CLA-OC's workstream effort can effectively achieve our vision of closing the skills gap, retaining a talented workforce in OC, providing sustainable futures and ensuring a thriving region for all. If you're ready to roll up your sleeves, we can use your help.

Be well,

Mark Percy
Mark Percy
CEO Leadership Alliance of Orange County
CLA-OC Facilitates Historic Business Leader / University Collaboration
Leaders from the OC business community, as well as top leaders from CSU-Fullerton, Chapman University and UC Irvine, OC's community college districts, and the OC Department of Education recently joined together for the first time to develop a framework to better connect tomorrow's innovation jobs with the talent needed to fill those jobs.

The CEOs participating, who collectively employ over 52,000 people in OC and have over $148B in revenue, have tasked their HR executives to organize around a new strategy called Talent Levels of Commitment.

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Feature News
Feature News
Branding Workstream Update
CLA-OC's four-part strategy is designed to create a multiplier effect as a flywheel that spins and builds momentum. Those workstreams - Education, Talent, Branding and Innovation Investment - reinforce each other as key leverage points to build compounding impact over time.

Our Branding workstream has just unveiled "Envision Your City" - a new interactive map optimized for both mobile device and desktop use - highlighting Orange County's unique and diverse cities and some of their highlights.

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Executive Committee Focuses on Education, Talent
This past month's CLA-OC Executive Committee saw the Education side of the flywheel purposefully connecting to the Talent workstream.

The consensus among participating members is recognizing talent at a younger age in high schools and nurturing that talent in community colleges and higher education will create a robust pipeline of talent while providing greater opportunity in our community.

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Feature News
Feature News
New Member Spotlight: Staar Surgical President & CEO Caren Mason Joins CLA-OC
Caren Mason CLA-OC is pleased to welcome its new Executive Committee member Caren Mason, President and CEO of Staar Surgical. Starr Surgical moved its headquarters to OC last year and is building upon 30 years of innovation in ophthalmology, including most recently designing and patenting the world's first foldable intraocular lens (IOL) for cataract surgery.

Named President and CEO in early 2015, Caren is an enthusiastic champion for Orange County and CLA's efforts to help OC become a top-tier innovation hub.
Membership News: Welcoming Our New Members
Membership News

CLA-OC is excited to welcome the following new members to our Executive Committee:

Caren Mason, President & CEO, Staar Surgical
Doug Palladini, Global Brand President, Vans

Membership News

Additionally, it is our pleasure to welcome the following leaders to our general membership:

Sonny Nguyen, Founder & Change Agent, 7 Leaves Cafe
Dan Rodrigues, Founder & CEO, Kareo
Joseph Zaki, Founder & CEO, Loko AI

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