Virtual Summer Technology & Engineering Camps for Continued Learning

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CLA-OC partners with a wide range of nonprofits and education stakeholders. Dreams for Schools is an education non-profit in Orange County, that makes STEM approachable and accessible for all. By empowering students, cultivating curiosity, and providing the right tools and experience, they help kids program the future.

To help students learn about Technology & Engineering during the summer, they’ve developed Virtual Summer Camps for kids in Grades 1st to 8th.

For more information & to register visit: 

Use Code “CLAOC” for 10% off all classes!

Dreams for Schools is offering four Virtual Summer Programs:

1) STEM Heroes (1st – 3rd) Virtual Camp:

Learn about the world of STEM and it’s myriad of Heroes, industries, and notable figures through this novel and playful approach! In this course, students learn about STEM by participating in activities such as arts and crafts, designing and creating their own heroes, and much more!

2) Coding Games with Scratch (3rd – 5th) Virtual Camp:

Develop a game using Scratch, the drag-and-drop learning environment created by MIT Media Lab. Through this course, students will learn the foundations of computer science and programming logic by using code blocks to create their own games, animations, or even stories.

3) Engineering for Kids (3rd – 5th) Virtual Camp:

Get hands-on experience with engineering and electronics projects right at home. This virtual course provides easy-to-follow instructions through an educational context that allows for an enjoyable learning experience. 

4) Web Development – 2 Weeks, 4 Weeks, 6 Weeks (6th – 8th) Virtual Camp:

Make a custom website that you’ll want to share with the world! In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and even Bootstrap using the REPL.IT IDE software program to create their own portfolio website!