Vans Global Brand President Opens for OC Pathways Showcase

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Doug Palladini, global brand president for Vans, and CLA-OC Executive Committee member, was the keynote speaker for the 2020 OC Pathways Showcase. OC Pathways has a mission of building a passionate network of business leaders and connecting them to students and educators in Orange County. Doug shared, “I had the privilege of being surrounded by a lot of mentors…when I was young in my career…and we have to recognize that’s not ubiquitous. Not everybody has that privilege. Helping to fill those gaps, as OC Pathways does, and providing that mentorship, that guidance, that sponsorship along the way for these kids, is a big part of what we can do to keep an OC vibrant, diverse, culture. And selfishly, to help support our brands. I need that talent pipeline to continue to have our business based in OC. It’s a win-win-win.”

Read more and watch the video here. 

To learn more about how you can join efforts in developing our OC talent pipeline, contact Kathya Torrejon, Director of Talent and Branding (for four-year universities), and Amy Kaufman, Director of Career Education and Workforce Development (for high schools and community colleges)