Reimagining Capitalism: Provocative Approaches To Business Longevity

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“My students are on fire.” 

This from Rebecca Henderson, economist and professor with Harvard Business School. Henderson was referring to MBA students in her course, “Reimagining Capitalism.” Enrollment for the course has grown exponentially in recent years, as students search for a more purpose-driven and positive approach to business.

Henderson was speaking to a group of CEOs at the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership’s annual CEO Summit. She previewed ideas and research from her book, Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire, due out May 2020.

Her headline for us? It’s time to act, and we need to move fast.

We discussed the challenges society faces today, including the loss of trust, accelerating inequality, polarization, and climate change. Despite the dire evidence that things are getting worse, Henderson is still hopeful.  She believes business can lead a new path forward – creating economic prosperity in harmony with the environment and social equity.