Orange Fellowship Events Grow With Opportunity and Connection In Mind

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The Orange Fellowship held its first in-person social event in early October. With COVID protocols in mind, they hosted their fellows at The Commons, an Irvine Co. large outdoor space. It was an opportunity for the fellows to meet each other and the CLA-OC team in person. It was an evening of making connections, sharing a meal, and planning for the 2-year fellowship.

In between CLA-OC quarterly events, Orange Fellows are invited to attend other CLA-OC meetings. Fellows were also invited to attend the Medtronic Learning event that was only open to CLA-OC members, learning from Chairman Omar Ishrak and how the values of Medtronic are important to their success.

The Orange Fellows have also been invited to attend a co-sponsored event with CLA-OC and Center for Higher Ambition Leadership, A Conversation with Tom Friedman. Tom will be discussing the importance of CEO leadership on a regional level and its importance to America’s future. Having the fellows included in some of these more exclusive opportunities is important to their learning and connections within CLA.

The Orange Fellowship have planned their first learning event on November 13th. It will be held at an outdoor space in order to follow COVID-19 protocols. During this first session, the 24 fellows will learn how CLA-OC was created from our co-founders, Doug Wilson and Dick Gochnauer. Understanding purpose and how it helps us navigate our careers will be another topic discussed. Since this will be their first learning session, they will have time for brainstorming ideas as the inaugural class of Orange Fellows helps co-create the program. The Orange Fellows want to be engaged in every step of the way of creating a strong program that creates the future leaders of Orange County. At future learning and social events, the Orange Fellows will connect and engage with some of the top CEOs in Orange County.

This year’s Orange Fellows and their new program development will pave the way for future cohorts. The next events to follow will also inspire the next set of fellows to develop leadership skills and build their network. 

If you’d like to learn more about the program, visit our Orange Fellowship overview linked here.