Joseph Zaki, Founder & CEO of Loko AI, Innovates Public Safety in Orange County

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We’re excited to welcome Joseph Zaki, Founder & CEO of Loko AI, to the CLA-OC. Joseph has over 20 years of visual effects experience, developing innovative systems of virtual and mixed reality, as well as visual effects for AAA Game Studios, advertising agencies, fortune 500 companies, and Hollywood studios. Now, Joseph is utilizing his years of technical and visual imaging experience to build AI solutions that will increase public safety and contribute to a better future in Orange County.   

Loko AI are developers of Advanced Autonomous Surveillance systems for national and private organizations such as the Department of Homeland Security. Created as a direct response to the Route 91 festival shooting in Las Vegas in 2018, Loko AI came to prominence by filling a gap in surveillance and monitoring technology. Caretaker, Loko AI’s real-time computer vision platform with Zero Trust network protection, takes any video input type and provides instantaneous actionable insights. 

Recently, Loko AI relocated their headquarters to Irvine, California. Promptly after their move, Joseph and his team at Loko AI felt the benefits of being centered in a region that is prepared for the AI and machine learning (ML) market. “We intend to help catalyze Orange County into an AI superhub of job creation, education, and community building,” says Joseph. “We have made a long-term commitment to build Loko AI in Orange County, and we’re excited to be pushing the frontier of artificial intelligence and machine learning.” Loko AI has set themselves at the pinnacle of the AI computer vision space having now received a patent from the USPTO for their work with synthetic data applications.   

Their Caretaker technology assists customers in automating laborious safety, security, and operational tasks which augments levels of efficiency, reduces costs, and saves valuable time. Loko AI will not only be a pioneering resource for public safety, but is leading the way to make Orange County a dexterous and inventive center for creative industries. 

Learn more about Loko AI here.