Introduction to Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA)

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Founded in 1948, Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (TEEMA) is known as one of the eight largest national industry trade groups in Taiwan. It acts as a bridge between the government and the electrical and electronics industry through coordination, communication and addressing the opinions and concerns of our member companies. Among its 3,006 members, 69% are small and medium-sized enterprises with capital below US$2.54 million. The products of all members can be classified into 16 categories, including electronic products, electronic components, automotive electronics, semiconductors, computers and peripherals, communication equipment, batteries, etc.


The Driving Force of Taiwan Economy

In 2020, the production value of Taiwan’s electrical and electronics industry reached US$271,288 million, which accounts for nearly 60% of Taiwan’s total manufacturing production value. Besides, the export value also reached US$213,256 million, accounting for approximately 60% of the country’s total export value. Since the electrical and electronics industry contributes tremendously to Taiwan’s economy, TEEMA plays an important role by representing a great number of companies in this sector.

In order to provide tailored services to members, TEEMA has set up 31 committees, each focusing on a specific area such as computer networks and communications, intelligent automation, digital transformation, green energy, international affairs, trade coordination, etc. All of these committees are led by leaders of each area, who are fully authorized to take charge of the operation, address issues regarding industry development, represent members of the industry and seek for effective solutions. In addition to the 31 committees, TEEMA has formed 8 industrial alliances such as “5G Innovation and Development Alliance”, “Taiwan Energy Storage System Industry Promotion Alliance”, “Taiwan Autotronics Alliance” and “Taiwan Vehicle Team”, etc. in hopes of helping key emerging industries enhance overall global competitiveness through government-industry-academia collaboration.

TEEMA has set up eight liaison offices in China and one in Tokyo, Japan. Besides, it has currently 139 global partner associations located in Asia Pacific, America, Europe and Africa.


Efforts on Industry Development

Serving as a bridge connecting the industry and the government, TEEMA provides its members with up-to-date information on important government policies and regulations, and helps put them into practice. Moreover, the association gathers and conveys members’ opinions to the government for its reference when it makes policies on certain industry issues such as high-voltage equipment installation regulations. By attending conferences held by government authorities, TEEMA participated in the discussion of sector-related issues and provided relevant suggestions, thus contributed to the improvement of the E&E sector in Taiwan.

Through cooperation and coordination with its affiliated committees and industrial alliances, TEEMA is able to provide talent training courses. Some of them focus on business management and research and development in ICT industries, while some others are more catered to international quality certification and product testing and certification, dedicated to helping business meet international standards. The objectives of these courses are to help cultivate talents and improve the competitiveness of Taiwanese E&E sector as a whole.

In collaboration with some of the country’s most important research institutes such as Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Institute for Information Industry (III) and Automotive Research & Testing Center (ARTC), TEEMA often holds forums, seminars and conferences related to technology, market and business trends. These events not only provide valuable information for many enterprises, but facilitate exchanges and cooperation between the business world and academia. Along with the government and many other organizations, TEEMA is making an effort to promote technological innovation and to move the industry forward.

Meeting with European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT)


The Transformation of TEEMA

Initiated by Chairman Mr. Richard Lee, TEEMA is in a transforming process of incorporating digital services into its portfolio. The association was originally founded on manufacturing, but through the effort of former chairmen and board of directors and supervisors, now one-third of its members are non-manufacturers but rather service providers. TEEMA is positioning itself to lead in the future of ICT. A new initiative—“ICT Plus”—seeks to combine ICT with other emerging industries such as electric vehicles and biotechnology, and TEEMA has established new committees to lead in these sectors. The association used to work almost solely with the Ministry of Economic Affairs, but in order to seek guidance and support for this new initiative, TEEMA is extending its horizons by cooperating with the Ministry of Science and Technology, the National Development Council and the soon-to-be Ministry of Digital Development. Furthermore, TEEMA is not only an ICT association, but also an energy association. Under Chairman Lee’s direction, TEEMA has included “Sustainability” in its core values and published the “TEEMA White Paper on Blueprint of Sustainability Strategy” in January 2021, addressing the concerns of Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG).


Organizing International Trade Shows

TEEMA is the co-organizer of several large annual trade shows in Taiwan, including Taipei International Automobile Electronics Show (Autotronics Taipei), Taipei International Electronics Show (TAITRONICS) and Taiwan International AIoT Show (AIoT Taiwan). Autotronics Taipei and Taipei International Automobile & Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Show (Taipei AMPA) are held together every year, and has become Asia’s 2nd largest automotive trade show. It is the only show in Asia that connects automobile and motorcycle industry in one place. These international trade shows have created tremendous business opportunities for companies in relevant sectors over the past decade.

Meeting with European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT)


International Affairs

In order to help Taiwanese enterprises in the electrical and electronics sector to expand their business internationally, TEEMA invites them to exhibit in Taiwan Pavilion at over 70 international trade shows in more than 20 countries every year, including CES in the U.S., Electronica in Germany, ExpoElectronica in Russia, CommunicAsia in Singapore, CEATEC in Japan, GITEX in the UAE, etc. TEEMA also organizes overseas delegations to visit key industry leaders and organizations abroad, or to attend international conferences, which enables its members to keep up with global market trends and gain insights into the investment environment of potential markets. TEEMA has been actively participating in international events such as the World Electronics Forum (WEF), Asian Electronics Forum (AEF), Asia Telecom & Information Exchange (ATIE) Forum, and so on.

Since 2018, TEEMA has been sending representatives to join Taiwan Delegation to attend SelectUSA Investment Summit, an annual event which connects companies from all over the world with U.S. government officials, business executives and economic development organizations. In 2018 and 2019, Taiwan represented the largest single delegation from a foreign market to attend the summit, with around 120 attendees each year. In 2021, 220 delegates representing 153 companies from across Taiwan joined the summit held virtually June 7-11, which made it the largest delegation to ever join the event. In addition to the 2021 summit, the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) has organized virtual meetings with more than 40 partners for Taiwanese delegates in sectors including electric vehicles, semiconductors, the semiconductor supply chain, unmanned aerial vehicles, personal protective equipment and venture capital firms that support startup ecosystems. TEEMA was responsible for planning the meetings of the electric vehicle sector with AIT. These meetings enabled Taiwanese companies to meet with respective U.S. industry leaders and associations to explore the investment environment, industry trends and new opportunities.

Besides taking part in international events, TEEMA also organizes plenty of online international business matchmaking events throughout the year, especially during the period when trade shows worldwide were mostly postponed or cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These events benefit many of the association’s members—SMEs which sometimes lack resources to invest in costly in-person trade fairs. They bring potential foreign buyers into direct connection with Taiwanese companies through one-on-one meetings, resulting in considerable business deals, global partnerships and overseas expansion in target countries.

In order to provide member companies with the latest information on industry trends and business opportunities in other countries, TEEMA keeps close relationships with foreign representative offices in Taiwan as well as Taiwan’s representative offices abroad. It is also in contact with various chambers of commerce such as the American Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan (AmCham Taiwan) and the European Chamber of Commerce Taiwan (ECCT). TEEMA dedicates itself to building stronger ties between Taiwan’s electrical and electronics sector and similar sectors from other countries through the assistance of these institutions. It is committed to creating value for its members through various services, and moving the industry forward together.


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