Cultivating Global Partnerships & Manifesting Responsible Leadership in 2021

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CEO-led business organizations focused on collective impact and healthier local communities are growing in different parts of the country. At the CEO Leadership Alliance – Orange County (CLA-OC) more effective collaboration and learning with other regions is led by Doug Wilson, Chairman of CLA-OC, and Dick Gochnauer, former CEO and President of United Stationers, Inc., Board and Founding Member, Center for Higher Ambition Leadership.

Investing In The Talent Pipeline

In a recent article by IT World Canada, Doug shared his thoughts on purposeful and responsible leadership combined with innovation (RLI), and how supporting RLI begins with solid moral reasoning and technical expertise – two essential characteristics of a great innovation leader. Both Doug and Dick are co-founders of the Southern California Master Fund (SCMF) – a fund aimed to invest in top tier VC’s that leverage the distinctive expertise and knowledge of SoCal Universities and corporations to enhance development and lower risks in Orange County. SCMF is also geared toward funding more startups in OC with local capital rather than capital from other regions – retaining more profits to strengthen the local innovation ecosystem, which gives OC investors a double bottom line.  

Building A Coalition Of National CEO Groups

In partnership with the Center for Higher Ambition Leadership, CLA-OC is participating in the formation of a National Coalition. This network welcomes CEOs, regional market presidents, and heads of local business organizations that work to build inclusive prosperity and improve the quality of life for diverse communities. The coalition will share best practices and be part of a learning community of leaders. 

An in-person National Gathering is set to take place in Laguna Beach, CA in February 2022. CLA-OC will be hosting this event, which will include CEOs along with the leaders of the groups – all working together to better understand collective impact and how to scale solutions around issues such as talent development for 21st century jobs.