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Why invest in CLAOC’s mission?

Value of Joining CLAOC

CEO Leadership Alliance Orange County (CLAOC) is a coalition of CEOs working together to solve our county’s most urgent problems and build a thriving Orange County for all.

  • Gain access to creative approaches to build a strong innovation talent pipeline for your organization.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to expanding access to opportunities for rising talent from all communities across OC. 
  • Become a part of this premier, committed network of purpose-driven leaders to drive broad-scale impact. Together, we are changing the trajectory of OC. 

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To join us at an upcoming event or learn more about our community and programming, please reach out.

Our Community

More than 60 CEOs are now active supporters of CLAOC. Together with our exemplary board of directors, we see high engagement yielding impressive results. These leaders are personally involved in driving our vision of a thriving OC for all. Collectively, they are providing a new level of active business civic engagement in OC.

Who We Are

CLAOC Board Members

Annette Walker

President, City of Hope Orange County
Chair, CLAOC

Darryl Button

President and CEO, Pacific Life Insurance Company

Daveen Chopra

Corporate Vice President, Transcatheter Mitral and Tricuspid Therapies, Edwards Lifesciences

Richard (Dick) Gochnauer

Co-founder, CLAOC
Managing Partner, SoCal Master Fund

Kim Letch

US-West Region Private Equity Leader, EY

Edward Mora

Senior Vice President and Orange County Market Leader, US Bank

Emmanuel Roman

CEO and Managing Director, PIMCO

Lindsey Spindle

President, Samueli Family Philanthropies
Chief Operating Officer, H&S Ventures

Brett Wall

Executive Vice President and President, Medtronic Neurovascular

Douglas A. Wilson

Co-Founder, CLAOC

CLAOC’s Impact

CLAOC was founded in 2017 by CEOs and leaders of some of the most prominent companies in the county to help shape a positive future for OC residents. Along with building high-performing, sustainable organizations, members are committed to a larger purpose and working to create a better world.

Through initiatives focused on talent and capital, we will close critical skill and talent gaps and attract new investment – to connect more of our residents with well-paid jobs that provide a living wage here in OC and to fuel economic growth and greater prosperity for all OC residents for years to come.

To learn more about our progress around our unified mission to grow OC into a premier, inclusive, innovation Talent Hub,

Engage with CLAOC

To join us at an upcoming event or learn more about our community and programming, please reach out.