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Working together to help build a thriving OC for all

Orange County is a highly diverse community. As a result, it is often too easy to work in silos without a common endpoint in mind. CEOs have the power and resources to bring the right people together to work on the big issues that require cross-sector collaboration, but the entire community is needed to make change happen.

As an engaged leader, you can help by:

  • Building an enhanced, long-term jobs strategy and pipeline

  • Creating a ripple effect of innovation throughout the region

  • Developing an ecosystem that supports health, longevity and well-being

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Collective Social Impact: Why CEOs can and must lead change in their communities


Membership on CLAOC is by invitation only to area CEOs or regional Presidents. The Advisory Committee is made up of retired CEOs who remain engaged in our community. Our initiatives involve C-suite executives from companies who are interested in leading change, working strategically and helping others succeed.

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We're in because...

The Case for A.I and OC

The Case for AI and OC

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform our world. With AI estimated to be worth $22.17tn to the global economy by 2030, the United States is a global leader on the research, commercialization and use of AI. But competition is high. No single region within the US can rest on its laurels. In order for the United States to continue to be a leader in AI, winning the race for a world-class talent pool, from K-12 to higher education, to reskilling and upskilling, is imperative for success.

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SC Master Fund

The SC Master Fund is SoCal’s first Fund of Funds supporting local innovation, entrepreneurs, and venture funds. We are working with a few of the largest and most successful corporations, investors, entrepreneurs, universities, and executives in Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

Southern California is primed for entrepreneurial growth and innovation as an undervalued region. We are the number two ranked region in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and number one in PhD graduates, hold key startup growth advantages throughout our region, and have the access to leverage our SoCal cluster strengths.

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