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The Career Exploration Experience is a micro-internship designed to introduce high school and university students to your company through a 4 to 6 week hybrid or in-person experience.  Designed to complement your existing recruitment strategies and provide meaningful employee engagement opportunities, the Career Exploration Experience introduces students to your company’s mission, values, and work culture as they learn about careers across your organization.  Additionally, students gain practical work experience as they work with your employees on a short-term project.

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Why participate?

  • Create awareness about your company
  • Expand talent acquisition strategies
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Be part of building the next generation of leaders in Orange County

How does this program prepare future talent?

  • Learn about careers at your company
  • Gain practical work experience on a real-life project, working with professionals
  • Cultivate social capital 
  • Refine employability skills

Join the movement to develop the next generation of talent

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