AI Talent Lab

In order to keep up with today’s global digital transformation, it is imperative to create a flourishing AI ecosystem that will fuel the growth of innovation jobs and economic prosperity across our region. Strong, equitable regions must be ready for the future with a skilled workforce. Orange County can and should be a leader in this talent pipeline by establishing an AI Talent Lab, led by CLAOC and its partners to work across silos in the region. Local CEOs have the power and resources to bring the right people together to work on the big issues that require cross-sector collaboration. We are positioned to build upon our strengths: our diversity and our economic vitality to catapult OC as a leader in AI talent development.


As purposeful leaders in Orange County, we contribute to the region’s growth by being a leader in talent development, building a deep and diverse talent pool to attract AI-infused innovation industries. Led by local businesses, the AI Talent Lab is the premier source of talent cultivation, providing OC residents the opportunity to build and flourish in AI-infused careers. Through the support of AI talent and business development, OC will become a global AI hub where people come to get an AI related education, find jobs or start a business, and find capital to grow their business.


With a clear focus on racial and gender diversity, we bring together civic and business leaders, AI-focused entrepreneurs, and education organizations to cultivate and recruit the diverse talent needed now and in the future to support a robust AI-infused economy in OC.


  • Awareness: Ensure that every student has access to information about AI career paths and opportunities to develop AI-focused skills and competencies.
  • Experiential Learning: Provide diverse talent from high schools, community colleges, and universities with opportunities for learning through on the job learning on AI projects.
  • Credentials: Establish a cohesive system of relevant AI-focused credentials that are anchored in local business needs and talent requirements.
  • Thought Leadership: Build OC’s brand as a hub for AI talent by promoting thought leadership and convenings, and showcasing success stories of local businesses and individuals who have pursued AI-infused careers.

Programs and Goals

Core Programs: 5 Year Goals:
  • Partner with NVIDIA, Chapman University, Trace3, and Run:ai to jointly operate an AI supercomputer for community access to support AI talent development and education.
  • Offer AI-focused on-the-job work experiences for high school, community college, and university students.
  • Partner with a portfolio of companies including AWS and Intel to offer foundational trainings and certifications.
  • Improve branding of OC as an AI destination through thought leadership pieces and gatherings.
  • Partner with Orange County Department of Education to implement AI education programs.
  • Engage 10,000 K-12 students, representative of OC’s demographics, in building AI-related skills.
  • 5,000 students, representative of OC’s demographics, participate in CEEs or project-based learning.
  • 4,000 students, representative of OC’s demographics POC, receive industry-aligned technology credentials with at least 50% job placement.
  • 5,000 participants in events, convenings, and thought leadership.