Working together to build a thriving Orange County for all.

We are a collaborative effort led by purposeful CEOs who believe that contributing to the community is not only a responsibility, but the right thing to do.
Our Work

A Clear Strategy Guided by Experience

Our initiatives involve C-suite executives from some of our most prominent public and private companies who are committed to leading change. We work strategically to help others succeed through a flywheel strategy that has five focus areas to build synergies for enhanced economic and community well-being:

Why We Exist

The Power of Purposeful Leadership

Vibrant communities require focused, cross-sector collaboration to create new opportunities and address challenges on the road to excellence. Effective CEO leadership has been shown to be a primary best practice for communities in generating top talent, attractive employment opportunities, and high quality of life for their citizens.

Our Impact

Collaborating To Close Critical Gaps

A business-led system of innovation-focused K-12/community college/university career experiences.

Chair: Kimberly Chavalas Cripe, President of CHOC, with a team of educators and other CEOs
Vice Chair: Robin Shanahan, Managing Director, Co-COO and Global Head of Human Resources, PIMCO

  • Industry-led “on the job” experiences for high school, community college and university students
  • Orange Fellowship
  • Social capital and networking groups

Cadre of AI-infused talent at all levels as an enabler of innovation

Chair: Shlomi Nachman, Company Group Chairman, Johnson and Johnson

A distinct regional identity that celebrates OC’s inclusive and opportunity-rich communities.

Chair: Doug Holte, Former President of Irvine Company Office
Vice Chair: Julie Hill, Retired CEO, Costain USA

A culture that supports entrepreneurs to thrive and build companies in OC

Chair: Dick Gochnauer, Retired CEO of Essendant, with a team of collaborators and investors

  • SC Master Fund
  • Entrepreneurship fund
  • Symposiums
  • Entrepreneurship experiences for students

Support development of regional policies and infrastructure necessary to nurture an inclusive talent pipeline.

  • OC Hunger Alliance
  • Proposed California Innovation Investment Fund
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